Legal Notices

BOND ORDINANCE (pdf link):  On February 9, 2021, the Board of Commissioners of the Township of Lower Moreland enacted an Ordinance which, among other things, authorized the incurring of non-electoral debt in the maximum aggregate principal amount of $6,285,000 through the issuance of the Township’s General Obligation Bonds, Series of 2021 (the “Bonds”) and awarded the Bonds to the underwriter.  A summary of the Ordinance was advertised on February 2, 2021, and the proposed text has been available for examination at the office of the undersigned.

No amendments or insertions were made to the Ordinance on final enactment.

The Bonds shall be purchased at a purchase price not less than 90% or more than 120% of the aggregate principal amount of the Bonds and shall bear interest at rates not in excess of 5.5% per annum. 

The proceedings for the incurring of the debt above referred to will be filed with the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (the “Department”), on or after February 15, 2021.  Under the terms of the Pennsylvania Local Government Unit Debt Act, 53 Pa. Cons. Stat. §8001 et seq., as amended, the time for filing any complaint with the Department asserting the invalidity of the proceedings or any part thereof, is limited and attention is directed to the specific requirements of said Act.