The Township budget is prepared by the Township Manager and is approved and adopted by the Board of Commissioners every fall. The goal of the budget is to provide financial management, resource allocation, program evaluation and long-range planning. The budget is comprised of 16 funds with the largest being the General Fund, which supports Township departments as well as funding capital projects and needs.

Township Manager's 2021 Budget Message

The 2021 Budget proposes a total millage of 5.13 broken down between the following funds:

  • General Fund: 3.23
  • Fire Hydrant: .063
  • Fire Tax: .31
  • Debt Services: .700
  • Library: .455
  • Ambulance/EMS: .087
  • Parks & Recreation: .285

The average local real estate tax bill will be $1,077.30 (face value). For reference, the following is the average tax bill paid by a resident for each fund if paid after the discount period:

  • General Fund: $678.30
  • Fire Hydrant: $13.23
  • Fire Tax: $65.10
  • Debt Services: $147.00
  • Library: $95.55
  • Ambulance/EMS: $18.27
  • Parks & Recreation: $59.85

This proposed millage does increase from 2020 for three specific reasons:

  1. The typical deficit in the General Fund based on incremental growth of employee costs per Collective Bargaining Agreements. Additionally, the transfer from our Highway Aid Fund has been discontinued to provide more funds for paving.

    .08 mills ($16.80)

  2. The projected deficit in the Debt Service Fund between 2021 and 2026 addressed through 4 years of incremental increases. This represents year 2 of 4. Staff will review savings opportunities for our 2012 GO Bonds to possible reduce future increases.

    .05 mills ($10.50)

  3. The provision of additional fire services considerations, including the HVFC shift program and BAFC staffing program.

.06 mills ($12.60)

There are 11 other funds for the Township’s governmental activities.  Those are recommended to continue at the existing funding levels based on the 5-year projections for each of these funds.

The Township’s two business-type funds are the Sewer Fund and the Trash Fund. The trash fee is proposed to increase from $290 to $350 per the recent bid awards which provide the same extensive collection program for trash, recycling yard waste, e-waste, white goods and bulk items. It also covers the Township’s curbside leaf collection and composting programs. This fee will be sufficient through at least 2023.

There is no proposed increase for the Township’s sewer rates in 2021 as the revised rate alternative schedule is now complete.

Christopher Hoffman
Township Manager