The Arms of the Township is enclosed by a circular band of blue bearing the words "Lower Moreland Township Pennsylvania" in gold and the entire seal bound by a gold rope.

Upon a silver medallion is a shield of gold divided per fesse, with the chief containing a landscape of three (3) trees, evergreen, oak and poplar, in green; and the lower half and arms are of Nicholas More. The dexter half is gold with three blue bars; the sinister is blue with a lion rampant in gold.

The crest is an arms of William Penn with a date 1682 standing for Penn's original land grant.

The date "1916," when the Township was formed, is positioned just below the base of the shield and a motto ribbon bearing the words "A time to every purpose."

Adjuncts to arms are running behind the shield from the upper sinister to the lower dexter, two (2) wavy bendlets of blue to indicate the Pennypack Creek.

On the dexter, above the bendlets, is a gold dandy roll from an early paper-making machine and above it is a gear wheel in silver indicating the industrial significance.\

On the sinister is a plow and shake fork natural to indicate the rural nature of the community.