Bethayres Treatment Plant

The sewer division currently maintains a wastewater treatment facility permitted for 279,000 gallons per day, eleven pumping stations with a total average daily flow rate of 814,000 gallons per day and approximately eighty miles of sewer mains.  The daily operations include monitoring, analyzing and adjusting water quality, maintenance and repair of the electrical and mechanical equipment, manholes and sewer easements and removal of blockages in sewer mains.

If you smell sewer odor, you see water coming out of a manhole, your drain gurgles, your system drains slowly, or your system works poorly during rainstorms please call the Public Works Department.

Sewer backing up?  Call us first to investigate your situation.  Problems with blockages should be directed to the Public Works department at 215-947-3100 ext. 256.

After regular hours, emergency calls should be placed to 215-947-3131, who will notify on-call staff to respond.  If you do not get a call back response within a  ½ hour, please call again.

To reduce your chance of sewer backup do not flush items such as: diapers, paper towels, or plastic products into the sewer system.
Sump pumps may not be connected to the sanitary sewer system.