Snow Removal

Once any snow or freezing rain begins to fall, the Highway Department starts to salt and cinder the major roadways to maintain passable conditions. When accumulations reach two (2) inches in depth plowing will begin immediately.

At this juncture, the Township Code requires all motor vehicles be removed from the street to ensure an easier and thorough job by the Public Works Department.
While shoveling driveways, the township asks residents to not pile snow in the public roadways, rather place the removed snow to the left of your driveway when facing the house. This will keep residents from being plowed in when crews commence their activities. It is impossible to keep snow from being deposited in driveways and sidewalks. For safety and efficiency plows cannot be lifted at driveways.

Property owners are required to remove all accumulated snow from the sidewalks adjacent to their property within 36 hours after the snow has ceased to fall.
If a tenant, not the owner, occupies a property, the tenant assumes responsibility for the removal of all snow on the sidewalks. If an owner or tenant fails to realize these responsibilities, for the safety of all individuals, the Township maintains the right to contract out the snow and ice removal work and then recoup all expenses from the owner or tenant.

During heavy snowstorms, Township crews must maintain access on the main roads continuously. Huntingdon Pike, Byberry Road, Pine Road, Welsh Road, Terwood Road, Philmont Avenue, Buck Road and Red Lion Road will be plowed continually during a heavy snowfall to insure they are kept open for emergency vehicles.

Once snowfall or sleeting has ceased, main thru-streets of major areas are plowed, followed by side streets and finally cul-de-sacs. This means that the greatest number of people is serviced at the highest possible degree of efficiency. It is the goal of Lower Moreland Township to have all roads passable, in at least one (1) lane each direction, no later than 24 hours after snowfall has stopped.

Mailboxes sometimes present a problem to the Public Works Department when they are performing snow plowing.  It would help prevent interference with snowplowing if mailboxes are installed so that the front of the mailbox is even with the back of the curb, or 12" off the edge of the roadway, without curbs.