Lower Moreland Township Department of Public Works maintains five parks located within the community. These parks are utilized by our residents and our sports organization, Huntingdon Valley Activities Association (HVAA). Rules and Regulations are posted at the entrance of each park and we courteously ask that they be followed.

Valley Center Park

Athletic field 2

Lower Moreland's newest park is located at 445 Red Lion Road adjacent to Lower Moreland High School. The park consists of 31 acres for active and passive recreation. Its current amenities and features include a lighted synthetic multisport field, restroom / concession building, park pavilion, a playground and one mile nature trail through the Fairway Farm open space preserve. The 90,000 square foot state-of-the-art synthetic field supports a variety of sports including soccer, field hockey, lacrosse and more. Field rental timeslots may be available for a single event or a season when not in use as the home field for Lower Moreland High School and HVAA Soccer. For more information, please visit our Valley Center Park page.

Lower Moreland Park

Lower Moreland Park

Nestled in the Township's largest development, Albidale, Lower Moreland Park spans 19 acres and contains three baseball fields, one basketball court, two tennis courts, two pickleball courts and multiple soccer fields. There are swings, a play structure with slides present for the children. The Township constructed a walking path that marks the perimeter of Lower Moreland Park; all residents are encouraged to use this new trail whether for exercise or leisure. Many of the community's youth athletic league games, sponsored by HVAA, take place on the playing fields of Lower Moreland Park. Parking is available off of both Warfield Drive and Wheatsheaf Lane.

Elkins Field

Located near the intersection of Philmont Avenue (Rt. 63) and Huntingdon Pike (Rt. 232) on six (6) well-maintained acres, Elkins Field is geared mainly towards athletic pursuits, and used for organized sports by HVAA. Always open for community pick-up games, Elkins Field contains a baseball field with bleachers for spectators, a full-size basketball court and a soccer field. Parking is available for Elkins Field off of Huntingdon Pike behind the Bethayres Shopping Center.

Ridgway Park


Found along Philmont Avenue near the five points intersection of Tomlinson, Philmont, and Pine Road, Ridgway Park with 7.5-acres, is an extremely accessible public recreation area for both athletic activities and children's recreation. In addition to a softball field with homerun fence, two tennis courts, a basketball court, and micro-soccer field, Ridgway contains a large play area for children of various ages off to the side with picnic tables and benches for adult supervision. Named after resident Alice Ridgway's father, Ridgway Park's creek-lined fields are also home to many HVAA youth sports games. The park is also used for a lunch spot and employee recreation by the many businesses along Philmont Avenue. Parking is available off of Philmont Avenue on Manor Road.

Justa Park

The Justa Park is located in the Justa Farms Development. This park is a passive recreational retreat, with three acres of wooded land and two small fields. This park is a wonderul opportunity to view nature undisturbed. Street parking is available off Mettler Drive or Loop Road.