Leaf Collection

Leaf collection is available by two methods; biodegradable bagged leaves and curbside collection. All leaf waste must be separated from other household refuse as mandated by Pennsylvania Act 101 and Local Ordinance 402. Curbside collection is made by wards; please refer to the schedule below to determine the week of collection in your area.

The burning of leaves is prohibited.

Loose leaves should be placed to the curb for collection as early as possible, and during collection weeks must be placed curbside by 7:00 a.m. Monday morning. Leaves are to be left on the edge of the property and not in the street. Do not place stones, branches, or brush in leaf piles.

The collection of leaves in biodegradable bags is preferred due to the heavy volume the process may take several weeks to complete in peak collection periods. Place your bags several feet from your trash because our Public Works Department does leaf collection.

Biodegradable bags are available at the Township Building for three (3) for $1.00 or a bundle of 50 for $16.00. Since bag costs are partially paid for by tax dollars, this offer is extended to Township residents only, and proof of residency may be required. Leaves placed in plastic or seasonal pumpkin bags will not be collected.

2018 Leaf Collection Schedule

Bagged Leaves/Yard Waste

Bagged leaves/yard waste will be collected by Republic Services every Wednesday, April through December.

Curbside Leaf Collection

Please put your leaves out as early as possible. During designated weeks for ward collections, leaves must be placed at the curb by 7:00 a.m., Monday morning. Remember to rake your leaves to the edge of the property. DO NOT pile leaves in the street. DO NOT put branches, brush, or stones in the leaf pile.

Week of

October 22

Wards 3 & 6

October 29

Wards 2 & 5

November 5

Wards 1 & 4

November 12

Wards 3 & 6

November 19

No scheduled pick up

November 26

Wards 2 & 5

December 3

Wards 1 & 4

December 10

All wards final pick up

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Recycled yard waste and leaves collected in Lower Moreland Township are transported to Upper Moreland Township. Mulch is provided at no cost to residents. Please call Upper Moreland Township at 215-659-4070 to check availability before coming to pick up mulch.  Please bring your own containers and take as much as you like.

Christmas Tree Collection

The collection of Christmas trees will occur the first three weeks of January. Collection dates will be posted when available.