On Sunday, February 10, 2013 at 1445 Hrs, a white male with a medium complexion, was discovered in the home of a female resident. 

The female in her early 80’s heard a knock at her front door at approx 1445 hrs. When she got to the door she did not notice anyone there.

She noticed the rear of a white truck, possibly a box truck, in her driveway. She could not see the whole vehicle. When she closed the front door she heard someone walking into her kitchen from the side door. When she got to her kitchen she found a male standing there.

She described the male as white with an olive complexion, with a medium build, about 5’10”. He may have been in his 30’s with no facial hair. He had on a gray jacket and blue jeans’ and black cloth gloves. He identified himself as “Joe Patino”  from the “Water Department.”

The male said the water company had been working outside her home in the morning and struck a pipe and may have contaminated her water.

The male turned on the water at her Kitchen sink and asked where her bathroom was. She showed him where the bathroom was. In the bathroom he turned on the water in the sink and asked the homeowner to sit there and watch the water and see if it turns green. She did, but when she saw the suspect walk toward her bedroom she left the bathroom and saw him placing items in a white cloth bag or maybe a pillow case. At that point she asked the suspect for identification and he said he would get it from his truck.

Jewelry was taken as well as cash from her purse. The homeowner stated all the jewelry which was stolen was costume jewelry and valued it at $300.00

There was a similar incident on Sat February 9, at  1241 hrs, in the 400 block of Welsh Rd. The  suspicious male identified himself as working for the Township and needed to check the water in the home. The description of the male was similar. The suspicious male never entered the home. No vehicle was seen.

Anyone with any information or similar cases please contact the Lower Moreland Police 215-947-3132.

On Saturday, May 19, 2012, at approximatley 1 PM, the Lower Moreland Police Department was called to a residence in the 1400 block of Heaton Hill Road in Lower Moreland Township. A homeowner reported two black males knocked on the front door of the residence posing as delivery men. When the homeowner opened the door the males entered the home. One of the males possessed a large handgun and pointed it at the homeowner. The males inquired about a safe in the home. When the males discovered there was not a safe in the home they ran from the residence on Heaton Hill Road towards Heaton Road. There were no injuries as a result of this confrontation. The police department is investigating and anyone with information is asked to contact 215-947-3100.
  • Date: 5/25/2011 (Wednesday)
  • 2100 Hours
  • 1400 block of Heaton Hill Road

The Lower Moreland Township Police are investigating the theft of a backpack style leaf blower, an edge trimmer, and 2 gallon gas can from a locked shed. The two male actors parked their vehicle on an adjacent street and walked through backyards to gain access to the shed. The shed was forced open and the items were removed. While walking back to their vehicle they were observed by a neighbor who confronted the two males. The neighbor was thrown to the ground prior to the actors fleeing in their vehicle.


  • Older model small two tone pick-up truck, possible a Dodge
  • Maroon over white or grey
  • Loud, sounded as if it was dragging metal


  • 1: White male, 30 years old, long dark hair (to top of shoulder). Taller than 5'9", No accent/deep voice
  • 2- Male, unknown description

The actors may be trash picking or scrapping in residential neighborhoods on the evening before trash days. Surrounding agencies are asked to distribute the description of the vehicle to patrol who may be familiar with it or its occupants.

If a resident observes suspicious activity, obtaining the vehicle registration plate information if possible would be helpful to the police investigation.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Lower Moreland Police at 215-947-3132.

Date: 12/23/2011 - Friday
Time: interrupted @ 3:43pm
Location: 3500 block of Corn Crib Drive
(Development adjacent to Byberry Road/SR232-Huntingdon Pike)

A resident came home to find a dark blue sedan backed into her driveway towards the rear ofthe home. The windows of the vehicle were tinted so she at first believed the vehicle was unoccupied. She approached the vehicle and observed a male seated in the driver’s seat talking on a cell phone. As she began to ask him why he was there, two other males walked from the rear of her home and one stated “It’s an investigation”. One male was carrying an unknown object in his hand; the second male was wearing tan/flesh colored latex gloves. The males entered the vehicle and drove away.

The investigation revealed a large landscape rock, not from the homeowner’s property, was utilized to break the glass on a rear door where the actor’s gained entry. Bedrooms were ransacked and mattresses were tossed. A flat panel TV was moved from the master bedroom and found on the floor downstairs and other electronics were gathered in preparation to be taken. Jewelry is known to be missing at this time. Pillowcases were taken.

Approximately ½ an hour prior to this discovery, police searched for a suspicious male who knocked on the front door of a residence within the same development. The male asked for directions to “route 1 south”. The resident spoke to the male through the door and only saw him briefly as he walked away. His description matches the older male in the above burglary.

  • Vehicle: Dark blue sedan, Emblem on the front which appeared to be the letter “T”, dark tinted windows, paper tag or piece of paper covering plate displaying numbers “1979”.
  • Actor #1 (Driver) – white, male, 20’s, thin build short dark hair
  • Actor #2 (Rear passenger) – white, male, 20’s, short light hair, wearing flesh colored latex gloves
  • Actor #3 (Front passenger) – white, male, 30’s, older looking, heavy build,

Further info from suspicious person call: large balding head, waist length black leather jacket,
black rimmed glasses, smoking a cigarette.

Any agency with information is asked to contact detectives at 215-947-3132.

On Sunday, January 30, 2011, a white male robbed the Dunkin Donuts at 618 Welsh Road. The suspect removed approximately $350 from the register.

UPDATE: February 17, 2011

Michael David Heinze, age 53, of Langhorne, PA was arrested and charged on 2/16/11 for the robbery of the Dunkin Donuts at 618 Welsh Road on 1/30/11.