Date: 12/23/2011 - Friday
Time: interrupted @ 3:43pm
Location: 3500 block of Corn Crib Drive
(Development adjacent to Byberry Road/SR232-Huntingdon Pike)

A resident came home to find a dark blue sedan backed into her driveway towards the rear ofthe home. The windows of the vehicle were tinted so she at first believed the vehicle was unoccupied. She approached the vehicle and observed a male seated in the driver’s seat talking on a cell phone. As she began to ask him why he was there, two other males walked from the rear of her home and one stated “It’s an investigation”. One male was carrying an unknown object in his hand; the second male was wearing tan/flesh colored latex gloves. The males entered the vehicle and drove away.

The investigation revealed a large landscape rock, not from the homeowner’s property, was utilized to break the glass on a rear door where the actor’s gained entry. Bedrooms were ransacked and mattresses were tossed. A flat panel TV was moved from the master bedroom and found on the floor downstairs and other electronics were gathered in preparation to be taken. Jewelry is known to be missing at this time. Pillowcases were taken.

Approximately ½ an hour prior to this discovery, police searched for a suspicious male who knocked on the front door of a residence within the same development. The male asked for directions to “route 1 south”. The resident spoke to the male through the door and only saw him briefly as he walked away. His description matches the older male in the above burglary.

  • Vehicle: Dark blue sedan, Emblem on the front which appeared to be the letter “T”, dark tinted windows, paper tag or piece of paper covering plate displaying numbers “1979”.
  • Actor #1 (Driver) – white, male, 20’s, thin build short dark hair
  • Actor #2 (Rear passenger) – white, male, 20’s, short light hair, wearing flesh colored latex gloves
  • Actor #3 (Front passenger) – white, male, 30’s, older looking, heavy build,

Further info from suspicious person call: large balding head, waist length black leather jacket,
black rimmed glasses, smoking a cigarette.

Any agency with information is asked to contact detectives at 215-947-3132.