Resident & Business Information

 In April 2013, the Board of Commissioners amended the Township's Peddling and Soliciting regulations with Ordinance #665 which provides for the licensing of commercial peddlers. This updated policy will provide additional options for residents and business owners to post their homes. The Township will have static cling decals available which can be purchased for $1 at the front desk of the police department. This decal can be placed in a front door or window and will indicate to any solicitor that the resident or business owner does not wish to have a solicitor on the property.

Residents and business owners can also place their address on a "No Solicitation List" by calling the Police Department at 215-947-3132 or submitting through the website. This list of house numbers and streets only will be given to a licensed solicitor if they complete all the necessary paperwork and are approved.



Lower Moreland Township has enacted a licensing fee for individuals wishing to solicit. Applications can be obtained at the front desk of the Police Department. The fee is $100 per person to solicit and the permit is valid for 30 (thirty) days. Suggested times for obtaining this information will be 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Any solicitor observed in the Township will be asked if they have an official permit, and if not, will be directed to the Police Department to obtain the necessary license. Click here to access the Solicitor Permit