Newly Adopted Floodplain Conservation and Damage Prevention Ordinance

On April 9, 2014, the Lower Moreland Township Board of Commissioners approved the new Floodplain Conservation and Damage Prevention ordinance on April 9, 2014. The purpose of the new ordinance is to protect areas of the floodplain necessary to contain floodwater, to permit only those uses in the floodplain that are compatible with preserving natural conditions and stream flow, along with promoting the general health, welfare, and safety of the community by preventing development in areas prone to flooding. The new ordinance also complies with federal and state floodplain management requirements.

View the new Floodplain Conservation and Damage Prevention Ordinance here.


FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps
UPDATE July 2012: Click Here to view the website for the Flood Insurance Rate Maps outreach program.

UPDATE: Part 67 of the National Flood Insurance Program regulations requires the publication of public notices each time FEMA proposes new or modified Base Flood Elevations (BFEs). Click Here for more information, and to view the BFE Notice for Lower Moreland Township.

FEMA has released new preliminary flood maps for Lower Moreland Township. These maps are also known as Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) and are used to determine the need for a property owners to carry flood insurance. The maps may be reviewed using the links to the right or in person at the Township building. It is important to remember that the maps are still preliminary and FEMA is requesting municipal review and public comment. FEMA has also set up a webpage to answer your questions, supply appeal and protest information. Click Here to view this page.

The maps show the changes between FEMA's old and new maps:

Color Description
Gray Overlap between old and new maps for 100 year event flood plain
Yellow Expanded area for 100 year event flood plain
Blue Expanded area for 500 year event flood plain
Red Removed from 100 year event flood plain