Lower Moreland Township has a new electric permit and fee schedule. Fee payment must be made at time of application. All fees shall be made out to Lower Moreland Township.

Lower Moreland Township has elected to administer and enforce the provisions of PA Act 45 known as the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code and adopts or incorporates by reference the latest version of the following codes published by the “International Code Council, Inc.”

- 2015 International Building Code                           - 2015 International Plumbing Code
- 2015 International Mechanical Code                       -
2015 International Fuel Gas Code
2015 International Energy Conservation Code       - 2015 International Residential Cod
2015 International Fire Code                                  - 2015 International Property Maintenance Code
Handicapped accessibility designs use chapter 11 of the 2015 ICB and/or the applicable portions of the 2015 IECB (existing building code) and the 2009 ANSI A117.1

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a permit required?


  •  New Homes
  •  Additions
  •  Interior and exterior alterations, replacements & repairs
  •  Structural changes in size for windows or doors
  •  Decks
  •  Pools & hot tubs
  •  Patios & walkways
  •  Fences & walls
  • Finishing basement
  • Sheds & accessory structures
  • Demolition or blasting
  • Signs
  •  Storage tanks (above or in-ground)
  •  New or altered plumbing work
  • Mechanical systems
  • Grading and stormwater management
  • New or replacement of sidewalks, curbs & driveway aprons
  • Street openings
  • Fire alarm and sprinkler systems


  • Painting or wall covering
  • General Landscaping
  • Re-shingling a roof
  • Replacing but not moving plumbing fixtures, cabinets or counter tops
  • Siding

Does the Township license contractors?

The Township does not license contractors and cannot make recommendations to residents.

The Township does register plumbers.  A plumbing permit must be pulled by a registered master plumber.

What is the turn around time for permits?

The turn around time for a residential permit application is 15 business days and 30 business days for a commercial permit application.

Do I need a survey and architectural/engineer stamped plans?

Architectural/engineer stamped plans and a professional survey is required for all permits unless waived by the Township Building Department.

Does the Township issue Certificates of Occupancy?

The Township issues a Certificate of Occupancy for residential and commercial work but not for residential real estate resale. The Township has established a new program for the issuance of a Use and Occupancy Certificate for a change of occupancy of non-residential buildings, structures and facilities where a building permit is not required. The Use and Occupancy Certificate inspection includes a zoning review and fire inspection. The application can be found here.


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