Grading & Land Disturbance

Lower Moreland Township is required by state and federal regulations to implement and enforce a program of stormwater and land controls to minimize the impact of development. This requires the permitting of work, such as the covering or moving of earth, which exceed specific volumes or area limitations.

Important Information

  • Sidewalks, driveways, patios, decks & detached garages are all considered impervious surfaces and must be included when calculating existing and new impervious coverage ratios.
  • Impervious surfaces do not absorb rain and the impervious surface ratio is a measure of the intensity of use of a piece of land, dividing the total area of impervious surfaces within the site by the base site area.
  • When using pervious pavers for a project, an engineered specification sheet is required showing the reduction in impervious surface ration.

Lower Moreland Township Code

Please see Zoning Section for Impervious Coverage calculations.